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September 8, 2008


   Try out the new classified ads to buy or sell. Ever want to search Craigslist around the country? now lets you to see what's posted around the country on Craigslist in one place. See the new page here.


September 1, 2008 is expanding its offerings to collectors and lovers of Massey-Harris tractors as well as Wallis tractors. We have seen continual interest in the site and believe there is a need for our new features. And we will be working the next few months to add and improve. Your input is very important to us.


    But, this site can only work with your input. We can provide the space and time, but this is your site. Come here often, stay a while, provide input and/or help through the new forum.


    Moderators are needed. We are looking for moderators to watch the forum and classified section. These areas should run themselves, but there is always the constant problem of the net's seedy sides. If interested, please contact us.


[Sunset Near Alta Vista Kansas across from Dick Carroll's Home]
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Invite a friend...
Invite others to come and participate in Massey-Harris Tractors at You won't find a site that is more interested in providing you, the collector and lovers of Massey-Harris, a place to meet than here. But, it can only be as good as you make it. So, what are you waiting for? Invite someone now!



See the timeline of the Massey-Harris and stories of its past.



View our photographs and in the future be able to share yours.



Find paint colors to match your replacement part. Serial numbers to identify your tractor.



A new section that replaces our 'help' section of the past. We've moved the old entries into the forums for reference. Use this to post your stories, ask for advice and help other collectors.



Another new section that gives you a place to sell and place wanted ads. This service is provided free to non-commercial people.

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